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    Fake News Stories

    Hey FC, it's your friend with the fedora, Divine E. Hoo-Rah!

    Well, I just thought of an idea. Basically, I want you to post either a fake news headline you make up, or even an entire News story if you want. You can include images, and videos. Have fun!

    Mudkip allies with Joker!

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    Re: Fake News Stories

    KFC is ordered to remove the word "eat" from all of its advertising after the FCC have determined that the word "eat" is only legally permissible only in reference to substances that are appropriate for human consumption. KFC have misled people by claiming that people will love to eat their new grilled chicken obviously fail to meet this standard.


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    Re: Fake News Stories


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    Re: Fake News Stories

    Today it has been recorded that a high speed chase between bikermen, and the excaped convict Barney himself!!! Barney vicously murdered baby seals when he swam out of Azkaban. He is on the loose, watch your children! He sings his infamous "I love you, you love me" song to lull the children into a trance, and then rapes them. Students from Hogwarts searched the skies for Barney, but no prevail!!!

    The news for tomorrow will be...Thats right! We have news for today and tomorrow (It's incredibly credible!!!). It's like weather forcasts, but better!! Tomorrow a war between FC, and Gaia will be held for some unknown reason...Pokemon, Nintendo characters will fight the Gaia avatars!! Sounds a little stange you might ask? Well thats because the fight was about drugs, and people are hallucinating. People are actually just crawling around on the street yelling insults at inaminate objects. For example someone throws their own cellphone screaming, "Take that you !!".

    What everyone thinks is going on:

    (XD Yes I do have too much time).

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