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  • kill all enemys

    This group is a call of duty world at war group. If u goin this group u r apart of the clan (KAE).also this clan is for all systems plus if u want the clan to be changed tell me ok.

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    Last Activity: 02-20-10 07:28 PM

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    plz tell friend code
  • Swampert Slashers

    only the most awesome people on FC can be members.

    Cheif:Mudkip 5000



    battlers:still awaiting



    regulars:everyone except the above

    P.S. i just changed this team from pkmn catagory to clan.So we're a clan now!

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 04-05-12 01:53 AM

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    What one are you getting?
  • the new team Galactic

    team galactic under new leadership we will make a new

    for Diamond,pearl,platinum

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    Last Activity: 04-03-10 12:10 AM

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  • Fireninjas

    It is a all around clan with tons of helpful people.

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    Last Activity: 02-27-10 10:05 AM

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  • Mad Company

    The new clan on the block

    for Pokemon

    Join us if you dare

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    Last Activity: 10-16-10 01:14 AM

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    MC Discussion

    Wassup gamers im cliff also know as [S.R.S]Nark ...IM lookin for online challenges as well as individuals to join my clan [S.R.S] ....EXPERIENCE ISNT A MUST!!!development is key with that bein said ill tell u about wat i expect from clan members. every soldier should always have eachothers backs no if ands or buts about it this is not left 4 dead! for the experienced soldiers hopefully u are using a zapper like myself its not a must but like i said development is key..secondly there are certain ranks/class im lookin for such as a Scoper,Berserker,Murker,Shifter,Splitter,Popper and finally [S.R.S] for more details about the ranks/classes hit me up n ill be happy to give details.....

    and dont be shy ill except all who have interest in joining me.

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 01-13-11 07:14 PM

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  • Majestic Dynasty

    A brawl clan looking for good members. Offering tournies, competitive matches and wars. Curent record 1-0. Go here to the clan site if you would like to join

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 11-30-09 04:30 PM

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  • The Elemental Elite Ninja

    Ninjutsu - The Five Elements

    Katon - Fire

    Katon, or Fire Element, takes the form of fire and flame attacks. These can be fire balls or extended flame throwing. Fire is typically a specialised offensive element.

    Fuuton - Wind

    Fuuton, or Wind Element, takes the form of wind based attacks. These can be huge gusts or sustained wind storms. Wind is typically a specialised offensive element, good for close to mid-range attacks.

    Raiton - Lightning

    Raiton, or Lightning Element takes the form of electrical and lightning based attacks. When used in conjunction with metal based weapons, the power becomes amplified. Lightning is good for middle to long-range attacks.

    Doton - Earth

    Doton, or Earth Element, takes the form of earth and mud based attacks. These can be walls made from mud or the ninja maneuvering himself below ground to attack his opponent from below. Earth can change the hardness composition of objects, making something hard as steel or soft as clay.

    Suiton - Water

    Suiton, or Water Element, takes the form of water based attacks. These can be walls of water used as shields or water formed into large striking jets. In this regard, Water is very diverse when it comes to shape modification.

    Bloodline and Bijuu Created Elements

    Futton - Boil

    Futton, or Boil Element, takes the form of boiling attacks and defenses. This elemental style has been used by Godaime Mizukage. Futton is formed through the simultaneous usage of Fire and Water styles.

    Hyouton - Ice

    Hyouton, or Ice Element, takes the form of Ice attacks and defenses. This elemental style has been used by Haku and ninja from Hidden Snow, however the manga has stated this ability was unique to Haku's bloodline. Hyouton is formed through the simultaneous usage of Water and Wind styles.

    Jinton - Dust

    Jinton, or Dust Element, takes the form of dust attacks and defenses. This elemental style has been used by Tsuchikage. Though not officially confirmed, it appears to be a combination of Earth and Wind styles.

    Mokuton - Wood

    Mokuton, or Wood Element, takes the form of wood attacks and defenses. The usage of this elemental style is a hidden technique unique to Shodai Hokage and others who possess his same exact genes. Mokuton is formed through the simultaneous usage of Water and Earth styles.

    Ranton - Storm

    Ranton, or Storm Element, takes the form of laser-like attacks. This elemental style has been used by Darui. Though not officially confirmed, it appears to be a combination of Water and Lightning styles.

    Shouton - Crystal

    Shouton, or Crystal Element, takes the form of Crystal attacks and defenses. This elemental style has been used by Guren. It is currently unknown which styles are combined to create Shouton.

    Youton - Lava

    Youton, or Lava Element, takes the form of melting attacks and defenses. This elemental style has been used by the Yonbi Jinchuuriki Roushi, who developed this style with the help of his Bijuu. It has also been used by Godaime Mizukage through the use of her bloodline limit. Youton is formed through the simultaneous usage of Fire and Earth styles.

    Enton - Blaze

    Enton, or Blaze Element, takes the form of Amaterasu based attacks and defenses. The usage of this elemental style has been utilized by Uchiha Sasuke. Because of its unique Doujutsu nature, it is unknown if elements are combined to form it.


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    Last Activity: 10-20-10 11:46 AM

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  • Team Annoying Bass-Turd

    have fun, play games, and annoy people on wifi games

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 07-29-10 11:35 AM

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  • Wii/Ds ChillZone

    Hey, I made a site for wii and ds people to hang out at and meet new people and exchange Fc's if you wanan be apart of it go to if no one is there click register on the left side.

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 05-03-09 10:37 AM

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  • Mario Karters

    Join us if you play any kind of mario kart game!

    Category: Mario Kart
    Last Activity: 7 Hours Ago 08:00 PM

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  • SSBB brawler's Circle

    We are the brawlers of super smash bros melee and up. I cannot brawl but if you are lucky you Could see me in a team brawl!

    Last Activity: 8 Hours Ago 07:57 PM

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  • SPFB - Sacred Pokemon Fighters - Beta

    SPFB clan is a competitive group clan that desire is to be known everywhere. I will gladly like that all members be active in this Community and get at least 15 post on forums so we can participate on clan wars soon.

    I welcome you all to what shall be known as the most powerful clan in the Community and in the near future the world :D

    Leader: Yoyathsu
    Co-Leader: Eagleheart

    Clan Wars: 0

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 13 Hours Ago 02:40 PM

    10 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Clan Name
  • Team Knock-Out

    Team Knock-Out (TKO) is a Gen VI competitive battling clan for Pokemon X & Y here on We're a serious clan but we know how to have fun while we work. PM any one of our Clan Leaders, either Rehabilitation or any member with any questions or desires to join.

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 15 Hours Ago 12:16 PM

    This is a private group.
  • Smasher Force 1

    This is Smasher Force 1, a "brawl clan". We are a group of not so serious brawlers who just chat a lot . . .
    If you ask for an invite, you're probably going to get one. However, you are required to take up the innitiative of participating in group discussion, even if it's only once in a blue moon . . . because otherwise, you don't really have a reason to stay in a discussion heavy group such as this. :w

    Member statuses;

    HotGM: stands for Heart of the Group Member (High Activity)
    GM: stands for General Member (Moderate activity)
    LM: stands for Lurking Member (Low Activity)
    HLM: stands for Honorary Lurking Member
    HIM: stands for Honorary Inactive Member
    Members List;

    Prince Flarema (Leader) [Only terrible leaders lurk as much as this loser]
    Wifi name: Matt
    Friendcode: 3007-7749-0560
    Signature Character: Lucas
    Mains: Lucas
    Secondaries: Mario, Toon Link
    Theme: Size Up Your Enemy (M&L:DT)

    BlueIce172 (HotGM) (Is she blue, or is she pink?)
    Wifi Name: Blue
    Signature Character: Marth
    Mains: Lucario, Ike, Marth
    Secondary: Meta Knight, Kirby

    Caitlin102 (HIM) [Let it be known, that this member read through SF1's extensive conversation history in a single day!]

    Flarence (HotGM) [I created a monster . . . and his name is FLORENCE!]
    Wifi name: Flare
    Signature Character: Marth
    Mains: Link, Toon Link and Lucario
    Secondaries: Fox, Olimar, Jigglypuff and Falco
    Theme: Stand In The Rain

    Hikaru Chan (LM)

    Hyorinmaru (Honorary Active-When-Able Member)
    Wifi Name: Mar
    Signature Character: Pokemon Trainer
    Mains: Pokemon Trainer
    Secondaries: Pokemon Trainer

    Karnu (HotGM) [It is SF1 law to refer to him as "BC"; forever]
    Wifi name: Bē
    Signature Character: Lucario
    Mains: Lucario
    Secondaries: Pokemon Trainer, Pit, Sheik, Luigi
    Theme: Dragon rider (Two steps from hell)

    lPhela (HotGM) [Our resident European]
    Wifi Name: Phela
    Signature Character: Samus
    Mains: Samus
    Secondaries: Anyone else really . . .
    Theme: Crateria Main Theme (Super Metroid)

    LockJaw (LM) [Who's this jerk?]
    Wifi name: Jef/Tef
    Signature Character: Wolf
    Mains: Link, Falco, Zelda/Shiek
    Secondaries: Marth, Ike, Diddy Kong, Mr. G&W
    Theme: Panic Station - Muse

    MasterScoop (HLM)


    Pooka (HIM)

    Puppet (HIM)
    Wifi Name: Storm
    Signature Character: Falco
    Mains: Falco, Captain Falcon, Snake
    Secondaries: DK, Fox

    RedJoker (HLM)
    Wifi name: Red
    Signature Character: Sonic
    Mains: Sonic, Wolf
    Secondaries: Lucario
    Theme: Baccano - Guns & Roses

    Riverbank59 (HIM) [Obligatory "Al!!"]
    Wifi name: River
    Signature Character: Lucario
    Mains: Falco, Pit
    Secondaries: Diddy Kong, Lucario, Olimar

    SeasideOokami23 (HIM)
    Wifi name: Ammy (or River)
    Mains: Pikachu, Zelda
    Secondaries: Pit, Fox, Kirby

    SpeedStarBreeze (HIM) [Loved by everyone!]
    Wifi Name: Sky
    Signature Character: Ike
    Mains: Ike
    Secondaries: Kirby, Link, Marth
    Theme: Freedom (Blood Stain Child)

    Tom Nook (HotGM) [Everyone's favorite Gangster Tanooki]
    Wifi Name: Hippo
    Signature Character: Falco
    Mains: Falco, Jigglypuff
    Secondaries: Pit, R.O.B.
    Theme: Nebula (Excite Truck)

    Z3roN92 (HLM) [Where he is, nobody kno- OH HEY! HE'S OVER THERE! GET HIM TO POST! GET HIM!!]
    Wifi name: ZeRoN
    Signature Character: Samus, Zero Suit Samus
    Mains : Let's just say everyone, lol
    Theme: PSO 3, Idola The Strange Fruits

    Last Activity: 20 Hours Ago 07:40 AM

    20 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Smasher Force 1
  • The VG Music Library

    No one can deny that part of the appeal of a video game is its music. While it is usually not known what the music will be like until AFTER you get a game, if the soundtrack is good, then it's just an added bonus to the feel of a game.

    Anyway, welcome to The VG Music Library. Here, you can chat about VG related music, post links to the music, and the like.

    I know a limited range of vg music, so I'll only do the weekly feature on music that I'm familiar with. Take it upon yourself to propose a song you are familiar with, or want to be featured, and I most likely will feature it for you.

    General Discussion Monthly Theme: 'Cool'

    Weeks 1-50 have been archived in the first post of the Song of the Week Discussion if you need to find it or something . . .

    Featured Song(s):

    Week 51: Lava Reef: Act 1 (Sonic & Knuckles)
    Week 52: Ring Rink (Ristar)
    Week 53: Championship Cup (Nintendogs)
    Week 54: Lorelei's Theme (Pokemon Puzzle League)
    Week 55: Gym Leader Battle (Pokemon Black/White)
    Week 56: The Under (Pokemon Colosseum)
    Week 57: Dry Lagoon (Sonic Adventure 2 [Battle])
    Week 58: Celestial Valley (Kirby's Air Ride)
    Week 59: Drawcia Sorceress (Kirby's Canvas Curse)
    Week 60: Elise Deauxnim's Theme ~ Simple Melody (Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations)
    Week 61: Natural Killer Cyborg (Mother 3)

    Category: Fanclubs
    Last Activity: 20 Hours Ago 07:12 AM

    85 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    General Music Discussion
  • Plue's budbuds.

    Group of my budbuds.

    Category: Friends
    Last Activity: 21 Hours Ago 06:32 AM

    This is a private group.
  • The Edge

    This is a clan for those who are looking for people to play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate with. We are an easygoing, yet skilled group, who are always eager to hunt. We're even more eager to find new people who want to hunt, and also to get newer players off to a great start. We have a "ranking" system, but it means little other than those who take more responsibility in the group for running it, and consistently being on, hosting the rooms, etc. If you would like to join, simply contact a group leader, those being me (LockJaw), Prince Flarema, or Hyorinmaru, and we'll get you in.

    The current rankings are:

    • Captains: LockJaw / Hyorinmaru / Prince Flarema
    • First Lieutenants: Flarey / N7C
    • Second Lieutenant: N/A at the moment

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 1 Day Ago 09:23 PM

    This is a private group.
  • ~Full Metal Alchemist Fanclub~

    Join if you a fan of full meteal alchemist, to talk about the show in general.

    Category: Fanclubs
    Last Activity: 1 Day Ago 04:26 PM

    23 member(s)
  • Radiant Dawn: Transcendent Flames of Rebirth

    "We are the resurrected Blazing Fire Clan and we're here to finish what we started and that's to rise to the top as the #1 clan on FC. Our fire is brighter than ever before and this time there's no chance that it will ever grow dull or dim. This time we won't lose and everyone will know our name." - Kouen

    Volcanic Master - Kouen
    Glacial Master - Asbjorn

    Sage of Light - empoleon777
    Sage of Fire - ------
    Sage of Ice - Terra

    Shining Knights - SuperBlue, Zeimos, StarFiree, Flarence, Bahamut

    Disciples of Light - SiegfriedWylder, Pikachu3, MoDarko, niinoi246, Graen, Hallucination

    Novice - Blade5145

    Category: Clans
    Last Activity: 1 Day Ago 03:10 PM

    This is a private group.

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