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Awards Showcase - 16 Awards

Icon Image Description
Diamond Member (5+ Award) Diamond Member (5+ Award) Name: Diamond Member (5+ Award)
Members who have been a part of FC for 5 years or more.
Issue time: 08-30-12 12:17 AM
Issue reason: You're old!!! OwO Congrats on your fifth year here at FC! X3 I hope you continue to enjoy your time here! ^w^
Platinum Member Platinum Member Name: Platinum Member
Awarded to members who have been a part of FC for four years.
Issue time: 08-20-11 05:52 PM
Issue reason: Congrats, old man!
Staff Alumni Token Staff Alumni Token Name: Staff Alumni Token
A token of appreciation from the community presented to former staff members who held their position honorably and pulled their weight while active.
Issue time: 05-06-11 03:35 AM
Issue reason: For having served as a moderator and magazine editor. :)
Creative Month Award Creative Month Award Name: Creative Month Award
For those who showed off their outstanding creativity and won the Creative Month event.
Issue time: 01-04-11 04:00 PM
Issue reason: I heard you won Creative Month 2009. ;o
Profile Celebrity Profile Celebrity Name: Profile Celebrity
Awarded to a member who has 10,000 profile page views and at least 2,500 visitor messages.
Issue time: 05-07-10 12:03 AM
Issue reason: SD's milkshake brings all the members to his profile.
The Events Award The Events Award Name: The Events Award
Awarded to those that have won one event or more.
Issue time: 04-27-10 07:17 AM
Issue reason: For being the grand winner of Creative Month '09
Helpful Helper Helpful Helper Name: Helpful Helper
Given to those who often help users and provide solutions.
Issue time: 12-24-09 04:29 AM
Issue reason: You're quite helpful :D
The CnC Award The CnC Award Name: The CnC Award
Given to members who have given helpful CNC on others artwork.
Issue time: 12-24-09 04:20 AM
Issue reason: You give helpful CnC =D
Kerbert Xela - Professor Layton & Luke Kerbert Xela - Professor Layton & Luke Name: Kerbert Xela - Professor Layton & Luke
RETIRED - Awarded for those who finish Sockpuppet’s trivia quizzes on the first try.

To take the tests, go to
Issue time: 08-06-09 07:45 AM
Issue reason:
Red Poster Red Poster Name: Red Poster
Given to those who have 1,000+ posts.
Issue time: 06-27-09 06:00 AM
Issue reason:
SotM Award SotM Award Name: SotM Award
To obtain this award you must win one of the sites SotM contests.
Issue time: 06-27-09 05:39 AM
Issue reason:
Eggspert Hunter Eggspert Hunter Name: Eggspert Hunter
This award is for the winners of each Annual FC Easter Egg Hunt.
Issue time: 06-27-09 05:35 AM
Issue reason:
The End of the Line The End of the Line Name: The End of the Line
Given to those who have achieved a full bar of reputation without having their rep points being changed by admins
-Created by Yanni/JackAttack
Issue time: 06-27-09 05:07 AM
Issue reason:
Friendliest Friendcodian Friendliest Friendcodian Name: Friendliest Friendcodian
Given to the members that are nicest within the community
Issue time: 06-26-09 11:53 AM
Issue reason: Obviously for being very friendly. =)
Profile CSS Profile CSS Name: Profile CSS
RETIRED - Given to members who have creative, complex, and intriguing profile CSS
Issue time: 06-26-09 11:13 AM
Issue reason: Well done!
The Pink Award The Pink Award Name: The Pink Award
RETIRED - An ever changing award...just like Kirby. You don't know how you got it or why.
Issue time: 06-26-09 10:47 AM
Issue reason: I have no idea why you got this.

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