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  1. Jesus christ man, I was reading my first comments on my profile and we talked a lot back in the day.
    Check out our old convo for some nostalgia mr. sonicpokemans.
  2. Is worth only in money? No, especially when it comes to things in a game which happened to be what the question was asking for. You took your idea of worth and value only being in terms of money and stuck with it, not accepting that some people actually did attach monetary value to whatever they were buying and that money was never the question seeing that it was quite obvious that the value of shiny Pokemon in game was what was being discussed.
  3. So, I don't understand and you see no way to make me understand around my responses? I guess you could respond by saying that some people never understand or something along those lines, but I suppose it is safe to say that you really can't prove your point so you are giving up.
  4. Hi. I just got a new 3DS and now I have a new friend code and am looking for friends to add. Feel free to add me and if you do please let me know and I will add you back as well. Thanks! :)

    Friend Code 4270-1755-7283
  5. Hey! Long time no see! Haha
  6. Just read the new Zelda review and had to tell can play the dungeons in the order you want in this game!
  7. He just had a midterm and wanted to sleep early.
  8. My roommates said to turn off the light so I had no option.
  9. Sorry, was 12 AM over here so I went to sleep. XP
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Mighty No. 9 A spiritual successor to the megaman franchise by Keiji Inafune

by Skuntank on 08-31-13 at 09:46 PM

So yeah, there is a kickstarter for this game that just started like today. I am ultra excited for this game! I hope they get all the funds they need so they can keep the megaman spirit alive while also improving on it.

ALSO ITS GOING TO BE ON STEAM oh and home consoles


by Skuntank on 03-08-13 at 10:38 PM
I have finally decided that I might have an addiction to a SNES gem, Tetris Attack, to the point where I continued in the singleplayer battle mode about 15 times against naval pirahna and was worn down to the point that I had to cut my losses and play Kirby's Air Ride.

On that note, I went old gam shopping and got Viewtiful Joe, Tetris Attack and Kirby's Air Ride and I was rly happy cause I still had my old Air Ride data, granted it didn't have much, but it had King Dedede and Metaknight

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Updated 03-08-13 at 10:44 PM by Skuntank


My Experiences with the Adventure Time game demo.

by Skuntank on 12-13-12 at 11:47 PM
Aight, so Adventure Time is a pretty good cartoon, debatable as one of the best right now (I personally think Gravity Falls is the best cartoon right now). I will divide this nastiness up into a few categories, presentation and gameplay will be the focus, I will bring up some misc stuff after those two categories. I am gonna bring up castlevania a lot, and I will be referring to Metroidvanias. It should be noted, that comparing a game to metroidvanias actually gives me a lot of hope, so don't take

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Updated 12-14-12 at 12:16 AM by Skuntank


I slowed down my computer on purpose

by Skuntank on 07-20-12 at 12:25 AM
By method of this.


You may laugh now, but at least Porky and the Chimera can't touch my computer.

Story: I was playing mother 3 after downloading this doohickey, at first I had one Kumatora watching the game, then I talked to Jeff and Blue (Steam Friend) and they convinced me to go to at least 100 Kumatora's. So I did.

Updated 07-20-12 at 12:29 AM by Skuntank


My Favorite Examples Of Experimental Games And What I Feel They Brought To Gaming #1

by Skuntank on 07-10-12 at 01:12 AM
MFEOEGAWIFTBTG for short. I end up staying up late at night and like most of us, I think of the intricacies of game design. Tonight I want to talk about a game for the GCN and PS2 called Killer 7, the cult classic by Suda 51 and one of my favorite games by him, cause he pushed boundaries in stories and gameplay, his experiment resulted in an experience that I feel everyone needs to experience in some way, either by LPs or by playing it, either way it makes you think. I will touch on gameplay, but

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Updated 07-10-12 at 01:19 AM by Skuntank

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