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    Post Black Ops (Wii) Create-A-Class share

    Hey everyone, this is a thread for everyone to just post their classes, weapons, etc. I have some really good items that I want to share with you guys so, here you go!

    Here is my "Assault" class:

    Primary Weapon:
    AUG /w Extended Mag, ACOG scope, and Yukon Camo

    CZ75 Pistol Extended Mag

    Frag or Semtex

    NOVA Gas


    Perk #1:
    Flak Jacket Pro

    Warlord Pro

    Hacker Pro

    Well, that's my Assault class so far, I am currently level 40, so I'll be getting the Commando soon.
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    Re: Black Ops (Wii) Create-A-Class share

    (When I get the AK)
    AK-47 w/ Dual Mags (Berlin Camo)
    Dual Wield Python
    Lethal: Semtex
    Tactical: Concussion
    Equipment: Claymore or Nothing
    Hardline Pro(dont use the exploit)
    Sleight of Hand Pro OR Hardened[Pro]
    Marathon Pro

    What I use at the moment:
    L96A1 w/ Variable Zoom
    Dual Wield Python
    Flak Jacket
    Sleight of Hand Pro
    I'm currently pres. 8 level 36.
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    Re: Black Ops (Wii) Create-A-Class share

    primary: m16 with reflex sight and silencer.

    secondary:streala 3

    perk 1: ghost

    perk 2:warlord

    perk 3:hacker

    I am a hacker. Yeah call me unfair. if you want to get in modded lobbies or get leveled up or just straight up be in any game online (such as mh3 black ops, mario kart, etc.) then tell me cuz i mod on all those games. POST ON MY PROFILE AND WE WILL GET MODDING SOON

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    Re: Black Ops (Wii) Create-A-Class share

    AK74u w/Grip & Rapid Fire
    Python Dual Wield
    Scavenger Pro
    Warlord Pro
    Hacker Pro

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